ICOVAW Aberdeen 4th International Conference on violence against women: technology responses


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As technology advances and changes, so do the methods and ways in which violence and control are perpetuated. Abusers, stalkers, rapists, and traffickers now have social media platforms, internet websites hosted overseas, spoofing, and disappearing text messages technologies to facilitate their crimes. Yet technology is not the culprit at the same time, technology is not neutral, and those who use technology, build technology, and create policies around technology can make a difference. The true offenders are individuals who use power and control to harm others by using location devices to monitor and track victims, impersonate someone to cause physical and emotional harm; who coerce someone into sharing naked pictures; who stalk, beat, or sell another person.
This 4th International conference will focus on how advocates, service providers, technologists and technology companies can ensure that technology isn’t being misused to facilitate crimes against victims; explore how technology can help survivors of abuse, and create a world where offenders are held accountable and survivors find justice and hope.


Bon Accord House
Riverside Drive
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