Cafe MED - Making Pregnancy Predictable: from the oral pill to fertility apps


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This informal talk brings the public, researchers and clinicians together.

Speakers: Professor Siladitya Bhattacharya (Chair in Obstetrics and Consultant Gynaecologist, NHS Grampian and University of Aberdeen) and Dr David McLernon (Senior Research Fellow in Medical Statistics, University of Aberdeen)

For many couples, a diagnosis of infertility can be a huge emotional burden, making a seemingly foreseeable future appear bleak and unpredictable. We will discuss the use of accurate personalised fertility prediction models to assess the chances of pregnancy and help patients and clinicians to make decisions about fertility treatment.

The University of Aberdeen's Cafe MED series takes place monthly.
All the events are pitched at a very accessible level and give ample time for audience questions and discussion.


The Suttie Centre Cafe
Foresterhill Health Campus
Aberdeen AB25 2ZD


FREE, no booking required

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