Business Boosters - The role of mindfulness in business success


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Mindfulness is everywhere! Schools, hospitals, sports coaches, artists and businesses are investigating secular (non-religious) mindfulness. Some bold claims have been made for this form of secular meditation such as that it can improve mental health, attention, relationships, leadership, creativity and compassion. Dr Graeme Nixon is senior lecturer at the University of Aberdeen and programme director of the MSc Studies in Mindfulness which allows professionals from multiple contexts to apply and examine the potential of mindfulness. In this session Graeme intends to examine the potential of mindfulness for business. Graeme will introduce the principles of mindfulness and research findings for business. He will also include a practical element so that participants can experience mindfulness practice - hopefully a relaxing break during the day!

Speaker Dr Graeme Nixon


Marischal College
AB10 1AB


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Alison Simpson
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