4 Day Pottery Wheel Throwing (24hr)


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Spend 4 days of concentrated study throwing, building and glazing pots at Gray's School of Art.

This course is designed to improve your pottery throwing skills and techniques to make finished pieces.

This will provide an excellent opportunity to practice throwing and will also cover turning, decorating and applying handles/lids.

Essential skills will be covered:

Clay preparation
Wedging techniques
How to centre
Throwing: basic cylinders to jugs, vases, plates or bowls.
Throwing to specific measurements and repeat throwing.
Turning and finishing
Pulling and attaching handles
Decorating techniques: applying slips and glazes

Each student will have the use of their own wheel for the duration of the course.

Any work students wish to keep will be fired and available for collection the following week.


Gray's Short Course Team GraysShortCourse@rgu.ac.uk


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Gray's Short Course Team GraysShortCourse@rgu.ac.uk