4 Day Ceramics School: Casting Techniques (24hr)


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Mould making is the process used to duplicate three dimensional models or objects.

Imagine the possibilities! Spend 4 days of concentrated mould making and casting at Gray's School of Art.

This course is designed to improve your making and finishing skills in both plaster and clay.

Ever wanted to make moulds for reproduction of multiples? This will provide an excellent opportunity to practice model & mould making in plaster, while also covering slipcasting and press moulding techniques.

Students can realise finer more complex forms in replica and investiagte a range of glazing varraitons on muiltiple versons of the same cast.

Essential skills will be covered:

• Basic techniques and mould making in plaster and clay.
• An introduction to mixing and pouring plaster.
• Mould Making 'drop out' and simple piece moulds
• Making a stamp/sprig-mould/scratch block.
• Slipcasting in porcelain and earthenware
• Making a simple two or three-part mould from a found object.
• Press Moulding techniques in Stoneware clay.
• Clay Kiln packing & firing to Bisque (1000c).

Any work students wish to keep will be available for collection the following week.


Gray's School of Art, the Robert Gordon University


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