At Carmelite Hotel, Stirling Street, Aberdeen
Every Wednesday Evening from 7pm
Every 3rd Sunday in each month at 2pm
Come, learn, play, socialise in a friendly welcoming atmosphere......

Public Speaking Training

The Granite City Speakers Club is sending out an invitation for new members.

Do you fit the bill?

Do you

Feel panic if you are asked to speak out loud?

Feel too shy to put your point of view?

Want to improve your personal confidence and communication skills?

Need to speak as part of your job?

Have to speak at a function, such as make a wedding speech?

Have to face that job interview?

Need to speak at any social or business occasion?

Already have an interest in speaking?

Just feel you'd like to try it?

Free Mantra Meditation Class

My wife and I have been practicing mantra meditation for many years. It has helped us enormously in our life's and we therefore like to pass on this knowledge/techniques for free.

We will be practicing together a couple of mantra meditation techniques, one uses deep breathing and the other is a group singing of mantras accompanied by musical instruments.

Every Tuesday Evening, 7-8pm, Upstairs at Fodstory Cafe , Thistle St, Aberdeen.

For more information please see our meetup site.

Welcome along!


Neil and Bella