The Power of Self-Belief

Our beliefs are a hidden, powerful force that determines a lot of what we do and experience in life. They are the foundation for making our lives rich, powerful and beautiful. For this reason it is important that we recognise the beliefs we hold and learn to actively choose or change them. Join us in this informative and interactive talk and meditation with guest speaker Mark Fleming from Worthing.

Public Speaking Training

The Granite City Speakers Club is sending out an invitation for new members.

Do you fit the bill?

Do you

Feel panic if you are asked to speak out loud?

Feel too shy to put your point of view?

Want to improve your personal confidence and communication skills?

Need to speak as part of your job?

Have to speak at a function, such as make a wedding speech?

Have to face that job interview?

Need to speak at any social or business occasion?

Already have an interest in speaking?

Just feel you'd like to try it?