Be Free with Susi McWilliam

Join Aberdonian Susi McWilliam author of Be Free: A Holistic Guide to Freedom from Anxiety, Stress and Low Mood as she shares her story and experience. Having suffered from extreme anxiety and panic attacks for over 2 decades, Susi has now overcome this and now coaches and supports others in doing the same. In this interactive talk Susi will offer practical advice and techniques to support those who currently suffer from Anxiety, Stress and Depression.

From Walling Brick to PhD. What's the Point?

19:00- 19:30 Arrival, registration, refreshments.
19.30- 20:30 Lecture, questions and discussion.

Tim's lecture will consider approaches to the repair of historic buildings and how conservation practice has sometimes by-passed analysis and fact in favour of approaches that respond to a romanticised view of Scottish built heritage. Has there been an undue focus on pointing when surface finishes were the traditional means to protect fabric in the past? These surface finishes have increased relevance with the onset of climate change.

Anna Wells - Five life lessons learned from climbing.

Join accomplished climber and outdoor instructor, Anna Wells, for this illustrated talk hosted by the North East Mountain Trust, where she reflects on two decades of immersing herself in the mountains. From climbing El Capitan and representing GB at climbing World Cup competitions, to pursuing fast and light alpinism and setting a Cuillin Ridge record, there have been many lessons learned which stretch far beyond climbing itself.