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Scottish Straw Workers

The Scottish Straw Workers aim is to promote all types of straw work and to encourage its' survival and growth throughout Scotland. Our membership is formed of people of all abilities from beginners to professionals.
Meetings are held on the last Sunday of each month (other than December) from 10am - 4pm at Kemnay village hall near Inverurie. During the meeting we have a small tutorial in the morning and spend the afternoon working on our own projects.
There is ample free parking opposite the hall and it is easily accessible for any with mobility difficulties.

Great Scot: Free Walking Tour of Old Aberdeen

For over five hundred years, Old Aberdeen has been one of the great centres of learning in the North of Scotland. There can be no better place to celebrate Aberdeen's greatest thinkers, scientists, explorers, inventors, writers and gardeners (yes, we do mean gardeners).

We'll explore the hidden places in this historic burgh, to tell the stories of some great Scots whose achievements did not get the recognition they deserved.

The Old King's Highway: The Road to The Green

Battles, kidnappings and a martyred monk – these stories all took place along the old road into Aberdeen. But the road has also been the focus of more uplifting incidents, from tales of drinking to struggles for equality. Although nowadays neglected as an unappealing back alley, Scot Free Tours brings to life what used to be Aberdeen’s most important road, guaranteeing that you will never see it in the same way ever again. Discover hidden gems and sensational street art as we explore some of Aberdeen’s forgotten places.