4 Day Portrait Painting Course (24hr)

Join us in the studios of Gray's School of Art to concentrate on 4 days of portrait painting.

You will have an opportunity to gain tuition and experience in the subject from a successful portraitist artist.

Working directly from a professional model in the studio, an experience tutor will be on hand to encourage you to enhance your:

• Observational study of the sitter.
• Compositional arrangement.
• Paint application skills.
• Tonal appreciation.
• Colour mixing techniques.

4 Day Sculpting the Figure in Clay (24hr)

An opportunity to develop traditional clay sculpture from a life model.

Spend 4 Days in a Gray's School of Art studio shaping and exploring the soft and workable material of clay and the subject of figurative sculpture.

The course will begin with a series of quick sketches working directly from the figure followed by traditional clay sculpting and exploration of human proportion from the life model.

Students will be able to create torsos or full figures, drawing inspiration from artists such as Rodin, Degas, Giacometti, Hicks and Lamb.

4 Day Glass Fusing and Slumping (24hr)

Learn glass fusing and slumping with an experienced tutor on hand.

Spend four days at Gray's School of Art making a range of colourful decorative glass objects from tiles, suncatchers and panels to kiln formed bowls or intricate pieces of jewellery.
An opportunity to create a your own individual fused glass designs.

This course will teach students the basic techniques, hints and tips on how to create fused glass, making molds and then creating slumped glass objects.

Printed Textiles School: Make a Lampshade (24hr)

Spend four days at Gray's School of Art creating your own striking designs for a lampshade.

Learn the colourful art of printed textiles with an experienced lecturer on hand to guide you.

An opportunity to design and print your very own lampshades creating your own individual printed textiles designs.

This course will teach students the basic techniques, hints and tips on how to create printed textiles.

You will design, print and assemble two lampshades. You will:

Intellectual Property Basics

Intellectual property - in its words, logos, pictures, products, designs or a combination of - can be a valuable asset to your business. Discover the basics of how to protect the intellectual property of your business at this lunchtime session with our Business & Enterprise Librarian.

In addition to the group session, 1:1 appointments are available for booking at various times with our Business & Enterprise to discuss the specific intellectual property needs of your own business and how they can best be protected. Please contact us to book your free appointment.

Simon Caine - Every Room Is A Panic Room (when you overthink enough)

Simon Caine will be returning to Aberdeen with his 2018 Edinburgh Fringe show, but wait there's more. He will also be performing his new, never before seen, 2019 Fringe show, Every Room is a Panic Room (when you overthink enough).

That's 2 whole fringe shows in one night! A double whammy! All without having to step foot on a Megabus to Edinburgh.

Opening the show will be local North East comedian Marc Christie with his off the wall, alternative and energetic comedy style