4 Day Figure Drawing School (24hr)

An opportunity to spend 4 days of concentrated study, drawing or painting from the human form in a Gray’s School of Art studio.

You will be encouraged to examine your current approach to life study and respond to a compositional dialogue that will be created of the figure in space.

Over the four days the model environment will be gently redesigned, manipulated and altered in order to encourage a dynamic and stimulating approach to figure study.

4 Day Location Painting (24hr)

Join us for an inspirational 4 day course in location painting and meet like-minded creative students.

An experience lecturer will be on hand to help develop your paint application skills, tonal appreciation, compositional arrangement, and colour mixing techniques.

Initial sketches will be translated and developed into larger paintings tailored to each students personal level and aspirations.

This course offers the opportunity to experience working in oils, watercolour, gouache or acrylic, directly from the landscape in the famous tradition of en plein air.

4 Day Pottery Wheel Throwing (24hr)

Spend 4 days of concentrated study throwing, building and glazing pots at Gray's School of Art.

This course is designed to improve your pottery throwing skills and techniques to make finished pieces.

This will provide an excellent opportunity to practice throwing and will also cover turning, decorating and applying handles/lids.

Essential skills will be covered:

4 Day Ceramics School: Casting Techniques (24hr)

Mould making is the process used to duplicate three dimensional models or objects.

Imagine the possibilities! Spend 4 days of concentrated mould making and casting at Gray's School of Art.

This course is designed to improve your making and finishing skills in both plaster and clay.

Ever wanted to make moulds for reproduction of multiples? This will provide an excellent opportunity to practice model & mould making in plaster, while also covering slipcasting and press moulding techniques.