Growing Up: different journeys

If there is one common theme regarding growing up it’s that everyone gets older and everyone does it differently. In the year of Young People, the newest exhibition in King’s Museum explores this idea and the process of growing up in different cultures.

The University of Aberdeen Museums’ ethnographic and art collections, along with interactive activities, will encourage visitors to rediscover their own youth while building and understanding of the cultural and historical differences of childhood.

The North Boats

A Collaboration with North East Scotland College

The North Boats have sailed between Aberdeen and the Northern Isles for almost 200 years, carrying people for work and pleasure, and transporting vital freight. NESCol students display artworks created in response to our North Boats collection amongst the objects that inspired them.

Public Exhibition Ta Kheru: Discovering the life of an Ancient Egyptian woman

Using CT scans and the latest medical visualisation techniques experts have been able to uncover insights into the life of Ta-Kheru, an Ancient Egyptian woman whose ceremonially mummified remains have been in the University of Aberdeen museums’ collections since the 18th century. The exhibition tells the story of Ta-Kheru, alongside an impressive holographic display of the CT scan and a facial reconstruction of The Lady of the House.

Curious About Aberdeen

Explore, Discover & Enjoy Aberdeen with two self-guided, quirky, heritage walks with an optional treasure hunt. Buy in booklet or instant download format.
Are you curious about Aberdeen? Looking for an unusual and quirky activity which gets you out in the fresh air whatever the weather? Take one of our self-guided walks with a treasure hunt theme – looping around the better-known sights, as well as some of the more unusual and quirky ones, which combined make Aberdeen an intriguing place to explore!

The view from the other side: How Arab publics see the west

Dr Andrea Teti and Professor Pamela Abbott, University of Aberdeen
How do people across the Arab world perceive European governments? What lessons we can learn, and implications do these perceptions have for foreign policy towards the Middle East? This talk uses public opinion survey data to discuss how public opinion views the West in the wake of the Arab Uprisings.
Part of the Festival of Social Science

Behaviour change for cybersecurity

Dr John Paul Vargheese, University of Aberdeen
Have you ever been hacked or phished? Our behaviour is often manipulated and exploited by attackers to gain access to the IT systems we are using. Technology based solutions are not enough to address this challenge. This event will explore how behaviour change techniques can be used to help all of us become the best form of defence.
Part of the |Festival of Social Science