The ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ of medicinal cannabis

Medicinal cannabis and reform of the laws on cannabis are some of the most talked about issues today. With Canada having recently legalised recreational use and several high profile cases in the UK focused on the use of medicinal cannabis this timely debate will attempt to establish how best to maximise the ‘highs’ and minimize the ‘lows’ of medicinal cannabis. Roger Pertwee will describe his research and debate with the audience about the importance of cannabis related research, human health and social science.


'Lilies' is performance by 'Lustro Sceny/ Mirror of the Stage' (a unique theatre group from Edinburgh that adopts Polish literature for the theatre plays in Scotland) based on popular Polish ballad by Adam Mickiewicz with the same title, kept in Shakespeare’s bloody tragedy style. It is a story about a murderess, who planted the eponymous lilies on her victim’s grave. As these blossoms are well known symbol of innocence, she cannot cover her crime with them and breaks a natural scheme of things.