Cafe MED - First Female Medical Graduates of the University of Aberdeen

Bringing the public, researchers and clinicians together

In 1900 the first female doctor graduated from the University of Aberdeen. In 2017 fifty-eight percent of UK graduates in medicine were female. This evening we will discuss the changing medical student population and the careers of the first five female graduates in medicine from the University of Aberdeen. We will consider some of the challenges these pioneers faced and how these relate to problems we still face today.

Mantra Meditation Workshop

You are welcome to attend a Mantra Meditation workshop which takes place every Monday at the Aberdeen Wellbeing Centre which is located in the city centre.

We will be presenting some background knowledge from the Bhakti yoga system then practicing tow techniques which use mantras. One is a deep breathing technique and the second is Kirtan, a group singing/chanting of mantras accompanied by musical instruments.


DanceYoga is an exercise class for you who enjoy moving to music!

First we give our cardio a challenge with fun dancing to all sorts of music. No pressure on looks, it's all about the feeling! We'll finish with a mix of strength, flexibility and mindfulness exercises in our yoga session.

Free parking at the venue
Bring mat or towel for the yoga part, trainers (optional) for the Cardio part and water.
Book your space via Facebook or 07470449331

Any questions? Be in touch via Facebook or phone

Post cycle/run Yoga

Yoga helps you become a better runner/cyclist and keeps you healthy and strong!

Come for a strengthening, stretching and relaxing yoga after your run/cycle or straight from the couch on your rest day.

Mondays 8.30 pm
£4.50 pay as you go or block of 10 for £35.
Book via Facebook or 07470449331.

Any questions? Get in touch!