Our Aberdeen

Explore the Silver City’s stories through our collections of art and social and maritime history in these informal dementia-friendly events featuring talks, tours and Treasure Boxes.

Mondays, 2pm-3.30pm

Monday 17 September
Hands-on history: Maker's Mark
The story of industry and craft in Aberdeen as told through real objects including a sample of grass used in the papermaking industry, a Lundie violin and shoemaker's last.

A Reporter's Adventure: More Than Just a Journey

Whilst working for the BBC, the Daily Telegraph, and the Independent, Simon Parker has visited more than half of the planet's countries. He has driven the length of India, reported from the centre of the Pacific Ocean, and sailed and cycled from China to London. He explains how these adventures are not simply journeys from A to B, but pre-commissioned journalistic projects requiring a topical news angle.