Join us for tea, coffee and light refreshments at the Kirk of St Nicholas Uniting, Union Street, Aberdeen. Every Friday during our summer opening, from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. Everyone welcome to drop in.

The Human Museum: Free Tour of Aberdeen's West End

Truth is stranger than fiction on this tour! You'll find out about some of the city's most interesting citizens while exploring the stately West End of Aberdeen.

On Scot Free Tours' West End wander around some of the most beautiful architecture in the city, we regal you with stories of a determined Duchess, a safe-cracker, a polar explorer, an opera diva and many more.

Tours last two hours and covers 3 miles in total, including some steeper elevation. Tour starts at Queen's Cross, on the same side of the road as Queen's Cross Church. Tours are free. Donations are welcome.

DSLR Photography Workshop for Beginners

Do you have a DSLR/Bridge Camera and want learn how to use it?

• Trying to take great pictures of your children/family and they are often blurry, too light or too dark?
• Do you have a great camera and yet your snaps still, leave you a wanting a little more pizazz?
• Would you like to learn how to get those out of focus backgrounds, you see in magazines, newspapers and online?
• Want to know more aperture, shutter speed and ISO to release the full potential of your camera?