Great Scot: Free Walking Tour of Old Aberdeen

For over five hundred years, Old Aberdeen has been one of the great centres of learning in the North of Scotland. There can be no better place to celebrate Aberdeen's greatest thinkers, scientists, explorers, inventors, writers and gardeners (yes, we do mean gardeners). We'll explore the hidden places in this historic burgh, to tell the stories of some great Scots whose achievements did not get the recognition they deserved.

Aberdeen River Photography Walks

Have some fun, meet people and Improve your photography.

Learn 10 elements that can make your photographs, stand out from the crowd.

The session is for beginners and improvers looking to create amazing pictures from their camera.

Covering Portraiture and Architecture

Who is it for?

• Adult and young learners

• Anyone considering further education or photography as a career

• Business owners and marketers to increase your presence online

Any questions please email

Family & Friends Ceilidh with Iron Broo

How will you spend the last Sunday of the school summer holidays? Did you manage to fit in enough time with your loved ones? If you did then great, but there’s always room for a little something extra right? We are trying something new here.
Give yourself a special memory and take the family and friends to a spectacular afternoon ceilidh with Iron Broo on Sunday the 19th of August 2018 at the Northern Lights Suite at the Aberdeen Beach Ballroom.