Teddy bears’ picnic

Join Mandy Tulloch of Mud Pies and celebrate national Afternoon Tea Week - not indoors in a beautiful tea room but in muddy style in the woods with a Mud Pies’ picnic for your favourite teddy bear?! We will collect “ingredients” and use these to make some of the most delicious mud pies and other afternoon tea items around. Juice and biscuits available for children too. Dock leaf sandwich anyone? Please remember a favourite soft toy!!
Ages - 2 to 8

Post cycle/run Yoga

Yoga helps you become a better runner/cyclist and keeps you healthy and strong!

Come for a strengthening, stretching and relaxing yoga after your run/cycle or straight from the couch on your rest day.

Mondays and Wednesdays 8.30 pm
£4.50 pay as you go or block of 10 for £35.
Book via Facebook or 07470449331.

Yoga will make you a better runner/cyclist!
Any questions? Get in touch!