Clean Air Day

Clean Air Day 2018 is on Thursday 21 June. Aberdeen City Council in association with GetAbout are taking part again this year. We will be present in St. Nicholas Square, outside M&S, from 10am to 3.30pm. Come along to our stand on Clean Air Day to find out more about air pollution, air quality in Aberdeen, and what we can all do to help improve our own local air quality.

Needle Punching / Rug Hooking Craft Class: Create a Modern Textured Hoop

Very excited to introduce another fibre art revival workshop; needle punching (or also called rug hooking). With new easy to use tools, “needle punching” is back and taking the craft world by storm. A faster alternative to traditional rug hooks and wool strips, the modern needle puncher now works with fun colourways and contemporary patterns. Join Mollie Makes featured fibre artist, Stephanie Fradette, as she shows you how to “paint” with yarn to create a textured hoop.

Stuff Worth Knowing: What can we learn from Gravitational Waves?

We live in exciting times of ground breaking discoveries in physics and astronomy! Recent detections of gravitational waves predicted by Albert Einstein a century ago have once again confirmed his powerful theory of General Relativity for describing the shape and evolution of the Universe. Gravitational waves open up a new window to view novel astronomical and cosmological events, possibly in the near future even signs from the Big Bang.