Segregation and Inclusion in Sports Workshop

The aim of this workshop is to critically examine issues of segregation and inclusion in sports from philosophical, legal, historical and professional perspectives by bringing together academics from different disciplines and representatives from sports organisations. Questions we aim to address include:

•Is the common practice by clubs and associations to segregate competitions and access to resources on the basis of sex/gender morally justifiable? What, if anything, justifies segregation in sports? What, if any, are the limits to permissible segregation?

Castle Takeover @ Braemar Castle

Come join us for a tour led by our very own Braemar Primary School children! The local school have always been involved in Braemar Castle and regularly visit to see what's changed. In 2011 they were involved in a project when we refurbished the castle roof, and learned about all the different techniques involved in traditional construction.

Our young guides are experts in their field, and are eager to show you around! Help us celebrate the Year of Young People and come in for a refreshing experience.