Aberdeen Yarnfest 2018

Join us at Aberdeen Yarnfest 2018, Scotland's newest creative event.

We can't wait to showcase the latest range of fleece and fibre fabulousness here in the Granite City, and this is our official invitation to all of you aspiring and experienced crafters in and around the North East to meet with the finest exponents in the arts of spinning, dyeing, weaving, knitting, felting and crochet. At Aberdeen Yarnfest there is an opportunity to explore all the latest innovative and traditional uses of these natural, luxurious, versatile and sustainable materials.

Aberdeen Free Walking Tour with Scot Free Tours

Learn about Aberdeen's history and colourful characters, from pirates to Lord Byron, in this free one and a half hour walking tour.

Interested in learning more about Aberdeen? In this tour we cover Aberdeen's social history, its quirky inhabitants and how it got to where it is today.

All tours start from the Mercat Cross in the Castlegate. To join a tour just turn up for the start time. The tours are free. Donations are welcome.

Auchtavan Open Day

Roll up, roll up, and bring your picnic blanket! Come with us for a stroll to the old ferm toun of Auchtavan, and get an exclusive opportunity to explore the Queen Mother's old cottage and a magnificent hingin' lum. Auchtavan is an especially scenic place, and at 450m above sea level, you can catch some spectacular views over Lochnagar. The cottage was restored in 2008 by Braemar Community Ltd and now visitors can see what life was like over the past 250 years of farming history.

Self-hypnosis: key to unlocking your treasure chest of hidden potential

Hypnosis is the greatest tool I’ve found for unlocking the hidden potential in you. One of the reasons I love it is because all hypnosis is self-hypnosis; it is down to the individual or individuals in front of me, not to me, in other words you go as deep as you are willing and able to go. Discover how to use this tool for yourself during this enlightening workshop. Hypnosis can help you move away from: stress, anxiety; IBS; bad habits and much more, towards outstanding performance and confidence in every area of your life.

Andrew Carnegie Lecture 2018 - 100 years after the Spanish Flu: Are we ready for the next pandemic?

On the 100th anniversary of the deadly Spanish flu, Professor Peter Piot will discuss the ever-present risk of another global pandemic in our increasingly interconnected world. By illustrating the complex challenges facing health —from climate change, to ‘fake news’ and distrust of science, to the growing incidence of chronic conditions and comorbidities— he will focus on the need for innovative, multisectoral responses.