Gallery of Memories

Aberdeen Art Gallery, the Remembrance Hall and Cowdray Hall are currently being redeveloped. Upon re-opening, the Remembrance Hall balcony will have digital exhibitions exploring memories about war and conflict, focusing on people who live or lived in Aberdeen.

Would you like to share any local stories, photographs, poems, drawings or artefacts relating to times of conflict? If so, we are collecting digitised versions which may be displayed in the gallery.

Aberdeen Backgammon Club

Novice and Expert Players made very welcome.
All levels.
Every 3rd Sunday from 2pm-5.30pm
Every 1st Wednesday from 7pm-9.30pm

Players happy to teach, learn about doubling cube and have fun.

Opening Days and Times:
Wednesday, Sunday

Wednesday 7-9.30ish
Sunday 2-5.30ish

Primary 1 to 7 Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (S.T.E.M.) Workshops (set days only)

STEMScot aims to inspire students and engage them in all aspects of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

Classes cover Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire.

Please visit for more information.
It will provide an opportunity to see and take part in aspects of STEM that may not be possible to do during normal lesson time. Across the curriculum, there will also be activities which link strongly with STEM.

HAAN Design Market

Thursday 7 December, 6pm - 9pm
Friday 8, Saturday 9, Sunday 10 December, 10am - 6pm
Thursday 14 December, 6pm - 9pm
Friday 15, Saturday 16, Sunday 17 December, 10am - 6pm
Thursday 21 December, 6pm - 9pm
Friday 22, Saturday 23 December, 10am - 6pm

HAAN Christmas Design Market is a new, high quality showcase of creative products from over 50 local, national and international designers and makers. A local word for ‘hand’, HAAN celebrates and showcases the best handmade treats from the region.