Multi Agency Harmful Sexual Behaviour Training

Protecting Children, Improving Children's Futures
Thursday 13 June 2024, 9.00am-12.30pm

Multi Agency Training

This multi agency training course will help practitioners to identify what is meant by the term 'Harmful Sexual Behaviour'. We will look at Hackett's Continuum Model of sexual behaviours, discuss why harmful sexual behaviour might occur and look at different ways of working with a child or young person displaying harmful sexual behaviours. We will also cover Technology Assisted Harm Sexual Behaviour and split into groups to consider an example of inappropriate sexual behaviour and discuss how we could provide support for the young person and their family.


The aims of this training are to:


Increase professionals ability to recognise and respond proactively to harmful sexual behaviour.


Increase professionals understanding of why harmful sexual behaviour may occur.


Increase professionals knowledge and confidence in working with children and young people who display harmful sexual behaviour.


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