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Amateur dramatics rock at Bucksburn Academy


Following a dress rehearsal earlier today pupils at Bucksburn Academy are all set to perform a play they have written at the Rock Challenge event on Saturday 23 February at the Grampian Police Be Your Best Aberdeen Rock Challenge at Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre [AECC].

The traditional Cinderella story told with a new and powerful twist. Ricky Johnstone as Prince Charming, Megen Joyce as Cinderella, Kainah McAdams as a cruel sister, Alannah Russell as the cruel stepmother and Rachel Brechin as the second cruel sister. Rock Challenge is a unique event where young people are the stars. While the result is a professional event staged in popular venues, the main aim of Rock Challenge is for participants to have fun while enjoying a 100% drug free, alcohol free and smoke free experience.

Thanks to money from the Awards for All Scotland Bucksburn Academy's drama groups are enjoying an exciting storyline on their own.

The money which is for theatre arts resources will enable the school's extra-curricular drama productions to operate more effectively and to bring together exciting and creative performances for parents and the wider community to enjoy.

To do this the different-aged drama groups at the school will merge into one during the course of a year-long project which will include two performances of drama and dance.

The first show is the school's participation in Rock Challenge with S5 pupil leaders overseeing more than 70 pupils in "Before it's too late" which will be performed this Saturday at the AECC.

The performance is based on a modern version of Cinderella; who has a domineering and abusive mother and sisters who only add to her misery. The storyline is about whether or not Cinderella will get a chance to fall in love at the school prom.

The Bucksburn Academy Amateur Dramatics group will be easily recognised at the AECC event as they have purchased t-shirts thanks to a Youth Activities Small Grant from Aberdeen City Council. The pupils designed and organised the printing and production of the t-shirts with support from Fugro UK.

The amateur dramatic group has also been involved in fundraising activities which included a Christmas school 'come as you please day' and 'Stars in Our Eyes' show. With money raised the pupils decided they would like to make a donation to NSCPP as a way to show their support for all children who are struggling within abusive families.

Bucksburn Academy drama teacher Barbara Milroy said: "It has been great to see pupils of all ages working together on this project. S5 pupils have done an excellent job of managing the project which has given pupils the chance to work on scriptwriting, stage design and of course amateur dramatics. It has been a real team effort which will be clear for everyone to see at Saturday's event."