Aberdeen Built Ships


Since 2004 a dedicated group of volunteers has been researching and writing histories of over 3,000 recorded vessels built in Aberdeen since 1811.

We continue to digitise our archive, which includes photographs of ships, logbooks, accounts, construction plans and short films of shipbuilding.


Lloyd's Registers of Shipping

We hold a long, although incomplete, run of Lloyd's Registers of Shipping between 1778 to 2008.  The Registers list ships classified by Lloyds, noting the vessel's name, builder, year of construction, port of registry, ship master, dimensions and tonnage. After 1850, records usually indicate engine sizes (where applicable), master's name and owner.  Aberdeen Built Ships search engine is set to search by the name of the vessel. Users cannot search by master, owner or builder.

We do not have:

  • Passenger lists
  • Crew lists
  • Information on Masters and Mates
  • Personal details of individuals
  • Details of ships built in other port cities