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Main Categories

Here is the list of Community Categories for which contacts are available. Please click on an item below to view a list of contacts.

Advice & Information
Benefits & Welfare, Business, Charities, Consumer, Debt Issues, Disability, Discrimination, Education & Training, Employment, Environment, Funding & Grants, General, Health, Housing, Legal, Libraries, Media, Money & Budgeting, Senior Citizens, Tax, Transport, Youth

Animals & Birds, Armed Services, Children & Youth, Disability, Education, Elderly, Emergency Services, Homeless, International, Medical, Social

Children & Youth
, After School Clubs, Breakfast Clubs, Charities, Childcare, Creches & Playgroups, Disability, Learning, Leisure & Sport, Music, Organisations, Playschemes, Welfare

Carers & Caring, Charities, Children, Community Centres, Community Councils, Computer & Internet, Credit Unions, Crime Prevention, Disability, Education, Elderly, Emergency Services, Equal Opportunities, Ethnic Associations, Heritage & History, Libraries, Men, Parks & Gardens, Poverty Action, Services, Shopping Centres, Social Inclusion, Special Needs, Trusts, Women, Youth

Alcohol/Drugs, Bereavement, Debt & Money, Disabled, Marriage & Couple, Mental health, Personal, Pregnancy, Relationship, Sexuality, Social Welfare, Violence, Youth

Adult Education, Community, Further Education, Higher Education, Independent, Nursery Education, Other, Primary Education, Russian Language, Secondary Education

Alcohol, Allergy, Ante-Natal Care, Blind, Chemist & Pharmacy, Children, Chiropody, Chiropractors, Complementary Medicine, Deafness, Dentists, Disability, Doctors, Drugs, First Aid Training, Health Organisations & Establishments, Hearing, HIV & AIDS, Meditation, Mental Health, Occupational Therapy, Opticians, Osteopath, Relaxation, Self Help Groups, Sensory, Sight, Visually Impaired

Help & Support Groups
Animals, Armed Services, Children & Youth, Disability, Education, Elderly, International, Medical, Others, Parents, Social

Local Government
Aberdeen City Council, ACC: Community Councils, ACC: Continuous Improvement, ACC: Councillors, ACC: Resources Management, ACC: Strategic Leadership, Housing, Public Services, Registrars, Social Work, Trading Standards

Bahai, Baptist, Buddhist, Church of Scotland, Congregational, Episcopal, Free Churches, Humanist, Islam, Jehovah's Witnesses, Jewish, Latter Day Saints, Other, Other Christian, Roman Catholic, Unitarian

Senior Citizens
Advice & Information, Day Care Facilities, Leisure Centres, Lunch Clubs, Organisations & Services, Residential Care, Social Clubs

Athletics and Running, Badminton, Basketball, Bowling, Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, Dancing, Disability Sports, Fencing, Fishing, Fitness and Training, Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Gymnastics & Trampoline, Highland Games, Hill running, Hillwalk, Mountain & Orienteering, Hockey, Horse Riding, Ice Sports, Lacrosse, Martial Arts, Motor Sports, Netball, Other, Putting, Racquet Sports, Rugby, Sports Facilities, Swimming, Target Sports, Volleyball, Water Sports, Winter Sports

UK & Euro Government
Citizenship, E.C. Offices, FOI, Govt Offices, Information & Advice, MEPs, MPs, MSPs, Ombudsmen & Watchdogs, Parties & Associations

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