Frequently Asked Question

Who is eligible for concessionary travel?

In order to qualify for the scheme you must be resident in Aberdeen City and fall into one of the following categories: Aged 60 or over, or Aged 5 or over and fall into one of the following categories: In receipt of the higher rate of the mobility component of the disability living allowance; or, In receipt of the higher or middle rate of the care component of the disability living allowance; or, In receipt of a mobility supplement under article 26A of the Naval, Military and Air Forces etc. (Disablement and Death) Service Pensions Order 1983; or, Your vehicle is licensed in the ‘disabled’ taxation class; or, You have a disabled person’s parking badge – commonly known as a Blue Badge; or, You have been certified as blind or partially sighted; or, You have been refused a driving licence, or had your licence revoked by the DVLA (other than on the grounds of persistent misuse of drugs or alcohol); or, You have made an application for a first provisional driving licence; to renew an expired licence; or for a duplicate and the application has been refused by the DVLA; or, You are profoundly or severely deaf; or, Your ability to travel is impaired by a mental disorder which has persisted for more than a year and you are required to travel to keep health or social care appointments or participate in activities as part of a treatment, care or rehabilitation programme You have been diagnosed as terminally ill or with a progressive degenerative condition in so far as such condition severely impedes their mobility and ability to carry out day to day activities; or, You have lost one or both lower limbs; one lower limb and one upper limb; or both upper limbs. Anyone with epilepsy who has had a seizure within the past 12 months, and: does not hold a current driving licence (license refused or revoked on medical grounds), or, has never had a driving licence, and, would be refused a driving licence on medical grounds if they applied for one.