Frequently Asked Question

What is the Aberdeen Area Support Team?

The Aberdeen Area Support Team (AST) is responsible for advising the National Convener on the recruitment of members of the public to the Children's Panel and have a key role in the Children's Hearing System. Their remit also includes recommendations on re-appointments, as well as input into training needs and the day-to- day running of the Hearing System. In selecting Panel Members, the Area Support Team try to maintain a representative Panel against the existing make-up of the Children's Panel in the Aberdeen Area.

AST members are also appointed by the National Convener and bring a wealth of experience and expertise in areas of child welfare, recruitment and monitoring. AST's can also include former Panel Members amongst their number. The Committee Services Section of Aberdeen City Council, Legal and Democratic Services, administers the AST.

From 24 June 2013, the CPAC will cease to exist but will be replaced by the Aberdeen Area Support Team.