Frequently Asked Question

Can I get any other reductions?

  • You may be entitled to small business bonus depending on the rateable value (or combined rateable values) of the property you are responsible for. Please refer to the question about the small business bonus scheme.
  • Disabled Persons Rates relief (if the property is wholly or mainly used to cater for the needs of disabled persons)
  • Charitable Relief (if the property is occupied and used for charitable purposes)
  • Sports Club Relief (if the property is occupied and used by a recognised sporting organisation)
  • Fresh Start Relief of 50% can be granted for a maximum period of 12 months for previously vacant shop, office, hotel, public house or restaurant premises and where the property is intended to be re-occupied for use in one of these categories. The relief is not applicable to properties where the rateable value (RV) is over 65,000. Application forms are available on the main Business Rates page.