Frequently Asked Question

What quantity of remains will there be following a cremation of non-viable babies, stillborn babies and very young deceased babies.

Mothers of non-viable babies and families of stillborn babies and very young deceased babies considering cremation should be advised that comprehensive guidance is available for use within UK crematoria to ensure that the operational practices in place maximise the opportunity to recover ashes at the end of the cremation process. However, as highlighted within the Report of the Infant Cremation Commission as led by Lord Bonomy, it should be made clear that there is a possibility that ashes will not be recovered and families should be reminded of the availability of the option of burial. Aberdeen Crematorium’s working processes and practices for cremation of infants are the highest level possible to ensure the recovery of ashes. Since July 2014, ashes have been recovered from all infant cremations at Aberdeen Crematorium including non-viable babies and stillborn babies.