Frequently Asked Question

What happens to the cremated remains/ashes after the cremation?

At the conclusion of a cremation the cremated remains/ashes are removed from the cremator in their entirety and conveyed to a treatment area in a special container. Ferrous metals used in the construction of the coffin or metal used in medical implants and non-ferrous metals which may include an unrecognisable element of precious material will be disposed of in accordance with the requirements of the Code of Cremation Practice, which states “Any metal found amongst the cremated remains/ashes shall be disposed of in accordance with the directions of the Cremation Authority or Higher Authority”. The utmost care is taken to ensure that cremated remains/ashes, following their removal from the cremator, shall be kept separate from any other remains and suitably identified. The cremated remains/ashes will be placed into separate containers awaiting final disposal.