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Kerbside Recycling

The kerbside recycling service will soon be changing and the black box and white bag will no longer be used. For more information about the changes, see:

The kerbside recycling service allows you to recycle paper and cardboard in your white or blue bag, and plastic bottles, glass bottles and jars, and tins, cans, kitchen foil and aerosols in your black box. 

Your recycling bag and box are collected every fortnight. View or download your Household Waste and Recycling Collection Calendar.

How to use your recycling bag and box Black box and paper sack

  • Collect your materials for recycling. Give glass, plastic bottles and cans a quick rinse out if needed, and then squash the plastic bottles before putting them in your recycling box.
  • Tear up cardboard so it fits inside your recycling bag. We cannot collect large bits of cardboard so the crew will leave any cardboard that is not in the recycling bag.
  • On your collection day, put your bag and box out at the end of your driveway or path where it meets the pavement, road or parking area. Please make sure that your recycling containers are out at the kerbside by 7am on the collection day.


What you can recycle

You can recycle the following things in your white/blue bag and your black box:

 White or Blue Bag

 Black Box

  • Paper
    Envelopes (please remove windows)
    Office paper
    Phone books
    Greetings Cards
    Wrapping paper (please remove any tape or bows)
    Shredded paper (please keep it together in a paper bag
    or envelope)
  • Cardboard
    Cereal boxes
    Egg boxes
    Toilet roll tubes
    Cardboard packaging
    Cardboard boxes
    Please tear up cardboard so it fits inside your recycling bag
  • Glass bottles and jars 
    Glass bottles and jars
    Cooking sauce jars
    Jam jars
    Baby food jars
    Juice bottles
    Wine bottles
    Beer bottles
  • Plastic bottles
    Plastic bottles
    Drinks bottles (with lids)
    Milk bottles (with lids)
    Sauce bottles
    Shampoo bottles
    Handwash bottles
    Cleaning product bottles
    Plastic lids
  • Metal
    Metal items
    Drinks cans
    Food tins
    Empty aerosol cans
    Aluminium foil
    Foil trays
    Metal lids
    Biscuit tins

What cannot be recycled

It is important that only the correct items go in your recycling bag and box. If your bag or box contains a lot of the wrong items, we may not be able to take any of your recycling. If possible, the crew will leave a sticker on the bag or box to let you know why it could not be collected.

Please do not put the following items in your recycling bag or box:


 White or Blue Bag

 Black Box

  Cross   Cross
  • Window envelopes
    Please remove windows before you
    recycle envelopes.
  • Wallpaper
  • Pizza boxes
    (grease can contaminate the cardboard)
  • Broken glass, drinking glasses, lightbulbs, Pyrex,
    sheet glass.
  • Margarine tubs, yoghurt pots, plastic packaging,
    plastic carrier bags.
  • Crisp packets, food pouches, sweet wrappers.
  • Cardboard food and drink cartons (Tetra Paks).


How to deal with extra recycling

Please do not overfill your white/blue bag or your black box, or put recycling out in any other type of bag or container. These cannot be collected. If you have extra recycling please take it to one of the  Recycling Points or Recycling Centres.

If you regularly have more recycling than you can fit into one recycling bag and box, then you can order extra ones:


How to recycle more items

You can recycle a wider range of things, including cardboard food and drink cartons, electrical items and textiles, at some of the  Recycling Points and Recycling Centres in Aberdeen. If you have a particular item that you are not sure what to do with see the  for advice or Contact the Waste and Recycling Team.

Why recycle?

The simple act of recycling your paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, glass and metals using your recycling bag and box has enormous benefits:

  • It reduces landfill and the harmful greenhouse gases which can damage our environment. 
  • It saves money on landfill tax and allows the council to spend taxpayers' money more efficiently. 
  • The materials are turned into new resources such as new bottles, cans and newspapers. Find out more: What happens to my recycling?

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