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Q - Z of Recycling

Q / R

Item  What to do 
Quilts See Textiles in  Q - Z of Recycling
Radiators See Scrap metal in  Q - Z of Recycling
Radios See Electrical Appliances in D - F of Recycling
Rags Reuse these as floor or dish cloths.
Rechargeable batteries

Rechargeable batteries can be bought from most shops that sell disposable batteries and electrical appliances.

For disposal information see Batteries in A - C of Recycling
Roof tiles                         

See Architectural Salvage in A - C of Recycling

Rubble / hardcore

Small amounts of rubble or hardcore can be recycled at Recycling Centres. Rubble and hardcore, even if it is from your own house or garden is NOT classified as household waste. It is instead classified as construction waste, therefore Aberdeen City Council does not have to accept this type of waste at Recycling Centres, but does so as a service to residents.

A more convenient way to dispose of hardcore and other large quantities of DIY waste is to use a local skip hire service or a 'bulk bag' company. For more details, look in your local classified directory or visit Skip and Bin for details of skip hire companies.


Item  What to do 

Kitchen equipment in good working order can be donated to your local charity shops. The following organisations may accept these items for distribution to local residents in need:

A full list of charity shops can be found in your local directory.

Scrap metal

Scrap metal should be taken to a scrap merchant. Check your local directory for more details.

Alternatively, scrap metal including radiators, hot water cylinders, metal bed frames, and broken bicycles can be taken to Recycling Centres.

Shoes See Textiles Q - Z of Recycling
Smoke Alarms Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors can be recycled in the bins for small electrical items at all  Recycling Centres.

See Glasses/spectacles in G - L of Recycling

Sports Equipment  You can donate any unwanted sports equipment that is still in good condition to the Reuse container at Grove Recycling Centre in Hazlehead. This includes balls, bats, racquets, golf clubs, skis, skates, weights, bikes and so on. All items donated at the Recycling Centre will be passed on to charity.

There are a number of organisations who accept used stamps for charity fundraising. Stamps should be trimmed leaving approximately 1cm of envelope with each stamp. To assist the fundraising organisation, sort stamps into First Class and above, Second Class and below, Foreign and commemorative.

Organisations that accept used stamps include:

  • RNIB Stamp Recycling, PO BOX 185, Benfleet, England SS7 9BH
Steel cans                        See Cans in A - C of Recycling

Used syringes should not be put directly into your general refuse bin. All used needles, empty syringes, empty insulin cartridges and lancets must be put in a sharps bin. Sharps bins are plastic containers designed for the safe disposal of hazardous waste.

Sharps bins are available on prescription from your doctor (FP10). Please ask your GP surgery to prescribe one for you. If you pay for prescriptions, normal prescription charges will apply. Alternatively, your local pharmacy may offer these for sale.

For further advice on disposal please contact your doctor, pharmacist or the NHS.


Item  What to do 

Give them to friends or charity shops. A full list of charity shops can be found in your local directory.

Some companies will collect the VHS tapes for a small charge, for example:

Tea Bags See Food Waste in D - F of Recycling
Telephone Directories

Telephone directories can be recycled as part of your Kerbside Recycling service or at   bins and Recycling Points.

Television sets

See Electrical and Electronic Equipment in D - F of Recycling

Tetra Paks

See Cartons in A - C of Recycling


Clothes can be taken to your local tailor for mending and alteration.

Clothes and shoes, towels, sheets, coats, bags, clothing accessories, and curtains in good condition can all be donated to your local charity shop for reuse.

Good quality hand and bath towels, sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, and tea towels can be donated to:

  • Aberdeen Cyrenians, Summer Street, Aberdeen. Tel: 01224 62573.
  • Somebody Cares UK Trust. 80 Summerhill Road, Aberdeen. AB15 6EE. 07770888100, e-mail:
  • Animal rescue centres, kennels and veterinary surgeries, for use as animal bedding.
  • Instant Neighbour, Instant Neighbour House, 5 St Machar Drive, Aberdeen Tel: 01224 489955

A full list of charity shops can be found in your local directory. Textiles can also be recycled at your local  Recycling Centres or Recycling Points.


Use broken tiles in mosaics or donate to community art projects or the Creative Waste Exchange (01224 560360).

Tin foil

See Foil in D - F of Recycling
Toasters See Electronic and Electrical Equipment in D - F of Recycling
Toilet and Kitchen Roll Tubes

These work well as compostable pots for seedlings.

See Cardboard in A - C of Recycling


See Cartridges in A - C of Recycling

Tools  Unwanted tools in good condition can be donated to your local charity shops. A full list of charity shops is available in your local directory.


Worn, manual toothbrushes can be kept and reused as a cleaning brush for bikes, shoes, or furniture.

For electrical or battery operated toothbrushes please see Electronic and Electrical Equipment in D - F of Recycling


See Children's Toys in A - C of Recycling


Old tyres can be used to create compost bins, flower or plant containers.

Alternatively take them to a local garage. They may make a charge for disposal.

Tyres can be taken for recycling to the Recycling Centres at Greenbank Road in East Tullos or Grove in Hazelhead.


Item  What to do 
Unwanted Mail  

To reduce unwanted mail visit  Stop The Drop for information and advice. Unwanted mail can also be recycled as part of your  Kerbside Recycling service, at  Recycling Centres or  Recycling Points andin  On Street Mixed Recycling Bins. Please remove windows from envelopes before recycling them.


Item  What to do 
Vacuum Cleaner Dust

See Dust in D - F of Recycling

Vegetables See Food Waste in D - F of Recycling

When buying a new car ask your garage if you can trade in your old one. Alternatively, sell it through your local or online classified ads.

To scrap a vehicle, please take it to an authorised treatment facility. Note that there may be a charge for the treatment of a vehicle registered before July 2002. You should be given a certificate of destruction.

Please see your local directory for a list of facilities.

Vending Cups

To avoid generating plastic waste, avoid using disposable cups and use glasses, mugs or cups for water or coffee.

If your place of work generates large quantities of plastic vending cups, these can be collected for recycling by contacting Save-a-Cup on 01494 510 167 or visit  Save A Cup. They recycle old vending cups in to a variety of items including pencils, pens, coasters and rulers.


Item  What to do 
Walking sticks Unwanted walking sticks can be donated to your local Charity Shop. A full list of charity shops is available in your local directory.
Wallpaper Wallpaper can't be composted or recycled so please dispose of it in your general waste bin. See DIY materials in D - F of Recycling
Washing Machines / White goods See Electrical and Electronic Equipment in  D - F of Recycling
 Water Filter Cartridges  See Brita Water Filters in A - C of Recycling
WEEE - Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment See Electrical and Electronic Equipment in Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment
Wood  Wood is now collected for recycling at the several of the Recycling Centres.

A wormery is a container that contains special worms which eat your left over food waste. The worms produce a rich compost and liquid fertiliser.

Wormeries can be purchased from local garden centres or online.

Online retailers include:

You can also make your own wormery. For more information visit: Ollie Recycles.
Wrapping paper

Wrapping paper can be reused.

Paper wrapping (not foil wrapping), gift tags and greetings cards, can be recycled as part of your Kerbside Recycling service or at your local Recycling Points or On Street Mixed Recycling Bins.

Foil wrapping paper cannot be recycled and should be placed in your general rubbish bin for disposal to landfill.

See also Paper in  M - P of Recycling

X / Y / Z

Item  What to do 
Yellow Pages         

See Telephone directories.

Yoghurt Pots See Plastic in M - P of Recycling
Zimmer Frames Please return to issuer or donate to social services, old people's homes, hospitals or health centres.

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