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Mixed Recycling Service

Aberdeen is moving towards a mixed recycling service. This means different types of materials for recycling can be collected in the same bin, making it easier and more convenient to recycle. 

The mixed recycling service gives everyone the opportunity to recycle a wide range of materials in either shared or individual bins. The mixed recycling bins can be used to recycle paper and cardboard, glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles and containers, and metal tins, cans, foil, foil trays and aerosols.

Changes to the kerbside waste and recycling service

If you have a kerbside service your waste and recycling bins are changing and your collection day/s may change too click the link in the heading above to find out more.

Kerbside mixed recycling using your wheeled bin

 Find out more about using your individual wheeled bin for mixed recycling.  

On street mixed recycling using your communal bin

If you live in a flat or tenement you can recycle using communal mixed recycling bins.

The mixed recycling service has already been successfully introduced to flats and tenements, and during 2017 we will expand it to all households. Collecting recycling from single bins is safer and faster for collection crews and we also anticipate that this collection method will reduce litter and lost containers when there is poor weather and high winds.

We hope these benefits will encourage more people to recycle and boost Aberdeen's recycling rate.


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