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Mixed Recycling Frequently Asked Questions

What is mixed recycling?

  • Residents in Aberdeen City are currently required to separate paper and cardboard, plastics and metals, and glass for recycling. Mixed recycling will mean that you will be able to recycle all of these materials in the same container.

When will the mixed recycling service be available in my area?

  • We will be introducing the mixed recycling service in stages across the city. During 2016, the service will be introduced in areas with communal bins. In 2017, we will be changing the current kerbside recycling service to mixed recycling. All areas of the city should have the service installed within the next couple of years. When the service is due to be installed in your area, we will send you a letter with information on how to use the new mixed recycling bins.

I currently have a kerbside collection. Will I be getting mixed recycling?

  • Yes, we will be introducing kerbside mixed recycling from mid-2017. The changeover will be relatively simple. Your black general waste wheeled bin will become your mixed recycling bin and we will provide you with a new, smaller wheeled bin for general waste. Your white/blue bag and black box will no longer be used for recycling but you can keep them if you wish. We will write to you with more information when the service is due to be installed in your area.

I live in a flat and don't currently have any recycling facilities. Will I receive this service?

  • Yes, we will be installing a communal mixed recycling bin for you and your neighbours to share. In most places, this will be located next to your communal general waste bin. If this is not possible, we will put it somewhere else nearby.

What will I be able to recycle?

  • You will be able to recycle the following materials in the mixed recycling bin:
    Paper and cardboard, including cardboard food and drink cartons (tetra-paks).
    • Metal items including drinks cans, food tins, aerosol cans, aluminium foil, foil trays, metal lids, and biscuit tins.
    • Plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays, including food and fruit trays  yoghurt pots, shampoo bottles, hand wash bottles, cleaning product bottles, and plastic lids.
    Glass bottles and jars.
    There is a full list of the materials that can be recycled on the On Street Mixed Recycling Bins page. 

What about food and garden waste?

  • This waste cannot go into the mixed recycling bins. Most people in Aberdeen now have access to a food recycling service. There are still some flats which do not have a communal food recycling bin nearby, but we will be providing this service to these properties during 2016. If you have kerbside recycling, you should continue to put your food and garden waste into your brown bin.

Will I be able to put glass into the mixed recycling bins?

  • Yes. Clear, green, brown and blue glass bottles and jars can all go into the mixed recycling bins.

What happens to the mixed recycling once it has been collected? Will it all be recycled?

  • Yes, everything that we collect from your mixed recycling bin will be recycled. The materials are taken to a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) for sorting and are then sent on for re-processing.

What are the benefits of mixed recycling?
The mixed recycling service will make it much easier to recycle as you will be putting all materials into the same container. You will also be able to recycle a wider range of materials than you could before, including plastic pots, tubs and trays and food and drink cartons.

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