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Home Composting

Home composting is an easy and effective way to deal with garden waste and food scraps from your kitchen. Bugs and microbes found naturally in the soil in your garden break down this waste to make compost.

You can build your own compost heap or buy a compost bin at a garden centre.


Green Cone Green Cone

A Green Cone is suitable for people with small gardens, who produce mainly food waste. 





Compost Bin Compost Bin

A compost bin is suitable for people with larger gardens or allotments who produce mainly garden waste. A compost bin can also take some types of food waste.





Which one should I choose? 

If you are not sure whether a Green Cone or a Compost Bin would suit you best, the table below will help you decide.

The type of waste you want to compost Green Cone Compost Bin
Meat scraps Yes No
Vegetable scraps  Yes Yes
Fruit Yes Yes
Pet waste Yes No
Leaves little Yes
Grass little Yes
Dairy products Yes No
Bread Yes No
Woody materials No Yes
Paper  No Yes
Amount of waste                                       Green Cone Digester  Compost Unit 
Large batches  No Yes
Small batches  Yes Yes
Other Requirements                                             Green Cone Digester        Compost Unit     
Air-turning No  Yes 
Water Yes  Yes
Materials Yes  Yes
End product   
Compost No       Yes
Liquid feed*  Yes No

*Enters the soil under the digester.

Further information

To find out more about composting, see the Guide to Home Composting on the Recycle Now website. There is also a series of posts about composting on the Recycle for Aberdeen blog:

  • Part 1 covers how and where to put up a compost bin. 
  • Part 2 tells you what you can compost. 
  • Part 3 covers how to tell when your compost is ready to use and how to rescue your compost if it goes wrong. 

If I can't compost at home, what else can I do?

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