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Waste Legislation

As a business or organisation you have a legal Duty of Care over all of the waste you produce. This means that it is your responsibility to manage and dispose of any waste correctly. The Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012 mean that all businesses and organisations are required to separate paper, cardboard, glass, plastic and metals for recycling. Some businesses and organisations are also required to separate their food waste.

Food premises in urban areas that produce over 5kg of food waste per week must have a separate food waste collection. Garbage disposal systems and macerators that dispose into public sewers are also banned.

To show you are complying with the law, your waste contractor should provide you with a waste transfer note. This can be issued on an annual basis as a season ticket.

For more information about your obligations and the regulations please download SEPA's Recycling Duty of Care leaflet or visit the following websites: 
Zero Waste Scotland
Resource Efficient Scotland
Scottish Environment Protection Agency

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