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New waste management facilities in Aberdeen

One of the key targets set out in the Aberdeen City Waste Strategy 2014-2025 is to develop facilities in the Aberdeen area to recover the resources from the waste we produce. We are developing a new waste management facility on the Altens East Industrial estate in the south of Aberdeen in conjunction with our contractors SITA UK.

The development will include the following facilities:

Materials Recycling Facility

Materials Recycling Facilities (MRF) are increasingly important in providing quality raw materials to the processors who manufacture new products from recycled materials. MRFs are designed to take in mixed waste and then separate the materials and prepare them for sale in the commodity markets. There are two different types of MRF, clean and dirty. A clean MRF accepts recyclable mixed material that has already been source segregated from residual waste. A dirty MRF accepts all residual waste and extracts material that can be recycled. We plan to develop a clean MRF which accepts recyclable material including paper, card, metal, glass and plastic. The waste will be separated, sorted , baled, shredded, crushed, compacted or otherwise prepared for shipment. 
This  Envirosort Animation, courtesy of Severn Waste Services Ltd, shows how a MRF operates. The facility shown here is similar to the one we are developing in Aberdeen.

Refuse Derived Fuel Facility

While we are going through the planning and development process for a new Energy from Waste facility in Aberdeen, we will put interim measures in place to deal with waste that cannot be recycled. During this time, we will export any waste that can't be recycled to European markets as Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF). RDF is a fuel produced by shredding and dehydrating solid waste. RDF consists largely of combustible components of waste such as plastics and biodegradable waste that for some reason cannot be extracted for recycling. Although RDF is a fuel, it is still considered waste. It must be stored, exported and used in accordance with relevant regulations. The residual material can be sold in its processed form or it may be compressed into pellets, bricks or logs and used for other purposes.
RDF can be used in a variety of ways to produce electricity. It can be used alongside traditional sources of fuel in coal power plants. In Europe, RDF can be used in the cement kiln industry, where the strict standards of the Waste Incineration Directive are met. RDF can also be fed into other waste treatment technologies.

New Collection Depot

Our new collection depot will be the base for our fleet of refuse and recycling vehicles and offices for our Waste and Recycling Service teams. The existing depot at Kittybrewster is 40 years old and has reached at point where the Council's needs have outgrown the existing space available.