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Aberdeen Recycling and Energy


Aberdeen City Waste Strategy 2014-2025

The Aberdeen City Waste Strategy 2014-2025 sets out our long term plans to reduce the social, economic and environmental consequences of waste. It introduces the next generation of waste infrastructure and recycling services which will meet the needs of our city.

Our goals and priorities

The Aberdeen City Waste Strategy identifies five main goals, which are to:

  • Minimise waste production
  • Minimise landfill
  • Maximise recycling and organic waste treatment
  • Recover value from other wastes
  • Implement local solutions where possible 

The strategy also sets out the actions we will take to meet these goals. Our key priorities are to:

  • Introduce new recycling collection arrangements and expand collection of recyclables to the whole city.
  • Increase the range of recyclables collected to include plastic pots, tubs and trays and waxed beverage containers.
  • Provide food waste collections to all households.
  • Construct an energy from waste facility generating heat and power from non-recycled waste. 


Our targets

The Aberdeen City Waste Strategy has been designed to ensure Aberdeen works towards meeting national and international legislative targets:

  • Target 1: Waste growth will be eliminated by 2015.
  • Target 2:  We will work towards the targets set in the Scottish Government Zero Waste Plan 2010:
    - 50% of household waste to be recycled by 2015.
    - 60% of household waste to be recycled by 2020.
    - 70% of all waste to be recycled by 2025.

    We have set the following targets to reflect the densely urban nature of Aberdeen:
    - 50% of household waste to be recycled through source separation by 2020.
    - 56% of household waste to be recycled through source separation by 2025.
    Further recycling can be achieved by processing mixed waste.
  • Target 3: Introduce an organic waste collection for all households by 2016.
  • Target 4: Develop facilities within the Aberdeen area to recover our resources, including: 
    - A wider range of modern Household Waste Recycling Centres designed to cater to high traffic levels and collect a wider range of recyclable materials.
    - A mixed (or co-mingled) recycling  Materials Recycling Facility (MRF).
    - Organic waste treatment facilities.
    - Facilities to produce Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF).
    We will also develop residual treatment capacity in Aberdeen by using non-recycled waste to generate heat and power.
  • Target 5: No more than 5% of household waste should be landfilled by 2025.

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