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Recycling Points

You can recycle your waste at Recycling Points across the city. Most of these sites will have banks for the collection of paper/cardboard, glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles, food and drink cans, aerosol cans and foil trays and kitchen foil. There are also collection facilities for textiles and food and drinks cartons (Tetra Paks) at some sites.

For information about the Recycling Points in your area please see the table below, which includes links to their locations on a map. Alternatively you can search by postcode on Recycle for Scotland.

Site Address  Cans, Aerosols, Foil & Plastic Bottles  Glass Bottles & Jars  Liquid Food & Drinks Cartons  Paper & Cardboard Textiles 
Airyhall Library Countesswells Road, AB15 7RF Y  
Asda, Garthdee Asda car park, Garthdee Road, AB10 7QA Y Y Y Y
Asda, Bridge of Don Jesmond Drive, Bridge of Don, AB22 8WQ Y Y   Y Y
Asda, Dyce Riverview Drive, Dyce, AB21 7NG Y Y Y Y
Balnagask Circle Grampian Court, AB11 8TY Y Y   Y Y
Bridge of Don, Park & Ride Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre, Exhibition Road Exhibition Avenue, Bridge of Don, AB23 8BL Y Y   Y Y
Broadsword Bar, Hayton Road Hayton Road, AB24 2UY Y Y   Y Y
Byron Square Shops Byron Square, Northfield, AB16 7LL Y  
Clifton Court, Great Northern Road Clifton Court, Great Northern Road, AB24 4AG   Y  Y
Cornhill shopping centre Cornhill shopping centre, AB16 5UT  Y  Y    Y  Y
Croft Tavern, Old Croft Place Old Croft Place, Stockethill, AB16 5TT Y Y   Y
Crombie & Johnston Halls, College Bounds, Old Aberdeen College Bounds, Old Aberdeen, AB24 3TS Y Y   Y Y
Footdee New Pier Road, Beach Esplanade, AB11 5DX  Y Y   Y Y
Gardner Drive Shops, Gardner Drive, Kincorth Gardner Drive, Kincorth, AB12 5SD  Y Y   Y Y
Greenfern Road Greenfern Road, Mastrick, AB16 5PZ Y Y   Y
Gerrard Street Gerrard Street. AB25 1HA Y Y   Y
The Green The Green, AB11 6PE  Y    Y  
Hillhead Halls Don Street, Old Aberdeen, AB24 1WU Y Y   Y Y
Hilton Community Centre Hilton Road, AB24 4HS Y Y   Y Y
Justice Street   Justice Street, AB11 5HS     Y
Car park, Peterculter Kennerty Road car park, Peterculter, AB14 0UW  Y  
Kingswells Park and Ride car park A944, Kingswells, AB15 8PJ Y Y  Y Y Y
Loirston Close car park Loirston Close, Cove, AB12 3AU  Y Y   Y Y
Marquis Road car park Marquis Road, AB24 2QY Y Y   Y Y
Milltimber Primary School Monearn Gardens, Milltimber, AB13 0DX Y   Y
Morrisons car park Morrisons, King Street, AB24 5DA Y Y   Y Y
North Balnagask Road North Balnagask Road, near Pentland Close  Y  Y    Y  Y
Park Road Park Road, AB24 5NY Y Y   Y
Pittodrie Community Centre, Golf Road Golf Road, AB15 9DD Y Y   Y Y
Provost Watt Shops car park, Kincorth Provost Watt Drive, Kincorth, AB12 5DT Y Y   Y Y
Ruthrieston Community Centre Margaret Place, AB10 7LL Y Y   Y Y
SRUC (Scotland's Rural College) Craibstone Craibstone Estate, Bucksburn, AB21 9YA  Y Y   Y Y
Sainsbury's car park, Berryden Berryden Road, AB25 3SA Y Y Y Y Y
Sainsbury's car park, Garthdee Garthdee Road, AB10 7AY Y Y Y Y
School Road, Seaton Bayview Court, School Road, AB24 1AW Y Y   Y Y
Seamount and Porthill Courts Seamount Road, Gallowgate, AB25 1DT Y Y   Y
Seaview House, Seaton Seaview House, Seaton Drive, AB24 1UX Y Y   Y Y
Seaview Caravan Site Harehill, Ellon Road, AB23 8BR Y   Y
Sheddocksley Community Centre Sumburgh Crescent, AB16 6WF Y Y   Y Y
Skene Street Skene Street, AB25 2UP  Y Y   Y Y
St Ninian's Court St Ninian's Place, Seaton, AB24 1XG  Y  
Station Road Shmu Radio car park, Station Road, AB24 2WB  Y    
Tesco car park, Torry Wellington Road, Torry, AB12 3DN Y Y   Y Y
Tesco car park, Danestone Laurel Drive, Danestone, AB22 8HB Y Y Y Y
Tesco Woodend Rousay Drive & Lang Stracht,
AB15 6LT
 Y  Y    Y
Thistle Court Corner of Rose Street & Rose Place, AB10 1ST  Y  Y    Y

Boy recycling How to use the Recycling Points

  • The recycling points are available for use 365 days a year. However, please be courteous to nearby residents and restrict your use of them to between 8am and 8pm.
  • Please take care to put your recycling material in the correct banks.
  • The glass banks are for glass bottles and jars only. Pyrex, window panes, drinking glasses, crockery and spectacles cannot in the glass banks. Please remove lids and corks.
  • We only accept plastic bottles for recycling. Other plastic packaging, such as margarine tubs, yoghurt pots, food trays, plastic film, plastic bags and polystyrene, cannot go in these banks. Please rinse, flatten and replace lids.
  • Please ensure aerosol cans are empty, do not pierce, crush or flatten.
  • Please ensure foil trays and kitchen foil is clean, please do not put in small pieces of tin foil for recycling as these are likely to be lost during collection or the recycling process.
  • Please flatten your cardboard boxes before putting them in the paper and cardboard bank. If your cardboard is too big to fit through the flap or slot in the recycling bank please take it to your nearest Household Waste and Recycling Centre.
  • Please put your recycling material in the banks and do not leave anything at the side, even if the bins are full. This is flytipping and is illegal. To report flytipping please call 08456 08 09 19 or 01224 219 281, or email
  • To report full banks please call 08456 08 09 19 or 01224 219 281, or email Note that the textile and Tetra Pak banks are not operated by Aberdeen City Council. Please call the telephone number listed on the front of the bank to report them full.
  • Try to combine trips to the Recycling Points with other journeys – for example, supermarket shopping. Note that there are Recycling Points situated at most of the city's major supermarkets.

New Recycling Points

We are always looking for new sites for recycling points. Sites must have adequate access for the general public, as well as our collection vehicles. Points should also be sited where they will not cause a nuisance to neighbouring properties.


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