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On Street Paper and Cardboard Recycling Bins

In a number of areas of the city, residents have access to on-street bins for paper and cardboard recycling. Select one of the links below to find out where the bins are in your area:

Use the silver bin with the blue lid to recycle your paper and cardboard

Yes please No thanks

Clean cardboard

No food boxes with residual food waste.
  •  Tear / fold and flatten large boxes to fit into the bin.
No food and drink (tetra pak) cartons.
Paper - all types No cans, plastic or glass.
  • Remove plastic windows from envelopes.
No food waste or other domestic refuse.

Please do not place plastic bags in the blue paper and cardboard recycling bin.

For more information on how to use the on-street paper and cardboard recycling bins, download the Recycling for Flats Leaflet.

If you notice that one of the bins is full, or damaged, please call us on 08456 08 09 19 or 01224 219 281.

You can also recycle glass bottles and jars, food and drink cans, aerosols, foil trays and plastic bottles at one of your local  Recycling Points or Household Waste and Recycling Centres.

If you are unsure of how to use your on-street recycling service, or have any questions, contact us on 08456 08 09 19 by email

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