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Kerbside Recycling

Aberdeen City Council offers a kerbside collection of materials for recycling household waste across the city. If your area is not yet served by a collection in the black box and white bag you might still receive a kerbside collection of waste paper.

The kerbside recycling collection service allows you to recycle your: Black box and paper sack

  • drink and aerosol cans
  • food tins
  • foil trays and kitchen foil
  • glass bottles and jars
  • plastic bottles
  • paper, cardboard and unwanted junk mail.

You will be offered two containers: a black box for the collection of glass bottles and jars, food, drink and aerosol cans as well as foil trays and kitchen foil and plastic bottles, with a re-useable white bag for the collection of paper and cardboard. Some residents may receive a blue bag instead and it can be used in exactly the same way.

Please tear up cardboard so it fits inside the white bag. We cannot collect large bits of cardboard so the crew will leave any cardboard that is not in the white bag.

The current collection system limits the range of materials that we can collect but the planned change to Mixed Recycling Collections will mean that you will be able to recycle a wider range of materials.

You can recycle the following materials in your black box:

Yes please

No thanks                                                                                    
 Aerosol cans (including lids): Please make sure cans are empty. Do not crush, pierce or flatten.   Broken glass
Food & drinks cans: Rinse food tins and place the lids inside Crisp packets
Foil trays and kitchen foil: please rinse Drinking glasses
Glass bottles & jars: Please rinse glass bottles and jars and remove lids/corks Food pouches
Plastic bottles: Please rinse clean and flatten plastic bottles and replace the lids to save space

Glass bottle tops and corks, jar lids


Margarine tubs

Packaging too large to fit in the bag

Plastic packaging


 Sheet glass

  Small pieces of tin foil *
   Sweet wrappers
   Yoghurt pots
   *NB small pieces of foil are likely to be lost during collection and recycling.

You can recycle the following materials in your white bag:

Yes please No thanks
Clean cardboard: Please tear up cardboard so it fits inside the white bag as we cannot collect large pieces of cardboard. Please take any large bits of cardboard to one of our Recycling Points. Window envelopes: Please note that we cannot recycle envelopes with plastic 'windows'. Please remove windows before you recycle envelopes.
Paper Wallpaper

Once collected, your materials are taken to re-processing factories where they are turned into new products for you to buy again. Find out more: What happens to my recycling?

Your black box and white bag will be collected every fortnight and you can view or download your  Household Waste Collection Calendar or call 08456 08 09 19 or 01224 219 281 for further information.

How to use your kerbside recycling collection service

  • On your collection day, place your white bag on top of your black box.
  • Place them at the end of your driveway or path where it meets the public footpath, road or parking area by 7:00am.
  • Your black box and white bag will be returned to your property after collection.
  • Don't overfill your black box or white bag, or place additional containers out for collection. These cannot be collected. Additional material for recycling should be taken to your nearest  Recycling Centres or  Recycling Points. If you regularly have more recycling than you can fit in one black box and one white bag, then please Contact us to ask for extra containers.
  • All cardboard packaging must be torn up to a size to fit in the white bag. Our collection vehicle cannot collect large cardboard boxes.

Lost or Stolen black box and/or white bag

If your black box and/or white bag has been lost or stolen: