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D - F of Recycling


Item  What to do 
Directories Store and home shopping catalogues and telephone directories can be recycled as part of your  Kerbside Recycling collection service or in your local  On Street Recycling bank.
Please remove the plastic wrap from unwanted catalogues and directories before recycling. This plastic wrap can be recycled. See also ‘Plastic Wrap’ in M - P of Recycling.
DIY Materials

Unwanted paint brushes, rollers and paint trays in good condition can be donated to your local charity shop for reuse.

Your local school, Youth Group or Community Centre may also seek these types of materials for craft projects.

Unused and unwrapped wallpaper should be returned to the retailer for a refund.

Unwanted paint stripper, wallpaper stripper, silicone sealant should be taken to the  Recycling Centres at Greenbank Road, East Tullos or Grove Nursery, Hazlehead where there are facilities for safe disposal. See also Paint M - P of Recycling.


The dry contents of your vacuum cleaner can be added to your home compost unit. Be careful to remove pieces of plastic or metal.

Duvets & Pillows                

Duvets and pillows in good condition can be donated to:

  • Aberdeen Cyrenians, Summer Street 01224 625732.
  • Somebody Cares UK Trust 80 Summerhill Road, Aberdeen AB15 6EE, 07770888100, email:
  • Animal rescue centres, kennels and veterinary surgeries who use them for animal bedding.
  • Instant Neighbour, Instant Neighbour House, 5 St Machar Drive, Aberdeen Tel: 01224 489955 or email

Duvets and pillows can also be recycled at a textile bank at your local Recycling Centres or Recycling Points.

Drinking Cans See Cans A - C of Recycling

Most charity shops welcome donations of DVDs. A full list of charity shops can be found in your local directory. Unwanted DVDs and plastic cases can be sent for recycling to: Polymer Reprocessors Ltd

Music Magpie offer a freepost service for people to sell their old DVDs and either donate the money to charity or keep the proceeds.


Item  What to do 
Egg Boxes

Cardboard egg boxes can be recycled as part of your  Kerbside Recycling collection service or at any of your local Recycling Points.

Cardboard egg boxes can also be used to plant seeds. If you plant out individual sections of the box containing your seedlings, the cardboard will rot away in the soil. Cardboard egg boxes can also be composted if you rip the box into small pieces. 

Polystyrene egg boxes cannot be recycled and must be placed in your general waste container for disposal to landfill.
Eggshells Cleaned and crushed eggshells can be added to your home compost unit. Eggshells contain lime which helps to reduce the acidity of your compost. When sprinkled around shrubs and plants, eggshells can also help to deter slugs. Eggshells can also be recycled in your kitchen caddy as part of the Food Waste Kerbside Collection and Food Recycling for Flats.
Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Espares is a website that offers a comprehensive range of spare parts to help repair worn or damaged appliances, or just replace missing parts. Tel: 0845 230 6230.

When you replace appliances ask your retailer to take the old one away. Note there may be a collection charge for this.

Items in good condition can be donated to your local charity shop or local social care reuse scheme, including:

Both offer a free collection of household electrical items in very good condition for reuse.

You could also sell them through your local or online classified ads or pass them on via Freecycle. For more information visit Aberdeen Freecycle.

Alternatively, take them to your local  Recycling Centres where there are facilities for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). Small electrical items can be recycled in the special recycling bins at Recycling Points at Sainsbury's on Berryden Road or Morrisons on King Street.

These items can also be collected as part of the Collection of Bulky Waste Items. Please note there is a charge for this service. For information Contact the Waste and Recycling Team.

Engine Oil Used engine oil should be taken to your local  Recycling Centres for safe disposal.

Stickers and labels which allow you to reuse envelopes are widely available. Envelopes can be recycled as part of your Kerbside Recycling collection service or using your local Recycling Points. Please remove the plastic windows.


Item  What to do 

Feathers can be added to your home compost unit as they provide a good source of nitrogen. Dressmaking feathers cannot be composted due to the coloured dyes and chemicals they contain. Donate these instead to your local school for craft projects.

Film Canisters               

Some photographic retailers offer a collection service for recycling film canisters. Ask in your local store.

Your local school may be able to use these for craft projects or you could reuse them at home to store small items such as screws, nails and seeds.

Fire Extinguishers

These should not be disposed of in your general refuse, even if they are empty. Contact Grampian Fire and Rescue on 01224 696666 for advice, especially if they contain gas or powder.

Fireplaces See Architectural salvage A - C of Recycling.
Flower Pots

Flower pots in good condition can be returned to some garden centres for reuse. If they are broken, you can place the pieces at the bottom of new planter pots to help improve drainage. 

Consider buying reusable, biodegradable plant pots, such as Compots, which are available from some DIY stores. These can be used many times without decomposing but when they are no longer needed, they can be composted. 

Flower pots should never be placed in your brown garden waste bin for collection.

Fluorescent Tubes

Fluorescent Tubes are now considered to be Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and should be disposed of in the WEEE container at your local Recycling Centres.


Aberdeen City Council does accept foil for recycling either as part of your Kerbside Recycling collection service or at your local Recycling Points.

Large quantities of foil can be recycled at Panda Rosa Metals 01224 820482, email: They will make a donation to the Readen Centre for children with learning difficulties based on the value of the foil recycled.

Food containers

Unwanted plastic storage containers in good condition can be donated to your local charity shop for reuse. Your local school may be able to use these for craft or gardening projects.

Try to avoid over-packaged products and where possible buy items in recycled packaging. Please See Plastic packaging M - P of Recycling.

Food Waste

Food waste makes up approximately one third of the waste we throw away in our bins so it is important to recycle your food if you can.  

Many households have a Food Waste Kerbside Collection Service or Food Recycling for Flats

For information about how to reduce your food waste visit: Love Food Hate Waste

Raw fruit and vegetable scraps, tea leaves and torn tea bags, coffee grounds and eggshells can be composted in a home compost unit or wormery. You can build your own compost heap or buy a compost unit from a garden centre. You can also find more information on composting on our  Home Composting page.

Cooked food, raw meat and fish, bones, bread and dairy products can be composted using a Green Cone food waste digester. We have a limited stock of these available free. Please Contact the Waste and Recycling Team if you would like one. 

Wormeries can be purchased from various online retailers or from local garden centres.

Non-perishable food, such as canned goods, may be donated to these organisations who make food packages for people in need:

Foreign Coins

Many travel agents will accept foreign coins as a donation.

Fridges and Freezers See Electrical and Electronic Equipment.
Fruit See Food Waste.

The following organisations accept good quality furniture for reuse:

All soft furniture must have the appropriate kite mark fire safety label.

You can also sell good quality furniture through your local or online classified ads or pass them on via Freecycle. For more information visit: Aberdeen Freecycle

Alternatively you can take them to your local Recycling Centres. Aberdeen City Council will also collect this type of waste as part of our Collection of Bulky Waste Items Service  There is a charge for this service. For further information please Contact the Waste and Recycling Team.

Furniture in poor condition which is not suitable for reuse can be broken down and the wood element recycled at some Household Waste Recycling Centres.

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