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Grove Nursery community art project

Sculpture urges people to re-think value of waste The Re_Thinker Sculpture at Grove Nursery

An Aberdeen recycling centre is doubling as an outdoor art gallery now that a new sculpture made from scrap metal has been unveiled. The Re-Thinker has been created from around half a tonne of reclaimed steel items from the city's recycling centres. The 6-foot high metal figure is on display at Grove Nursery Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) in Hazlehead.

The creation was inspired by Rodin's classic sculpture The Thinker, an iconic image that has been reproduced many times, but never using waste materials. The metal items, including pipes, bedsprings, spoons and a digger bucket, have been transformed into a work of art in a bid to change the way we think about rubbish.

Aberdeen City Council Recycling Co-ordinator Martina Klubal said:

"Waste is no longer something to be buried in landfill and forgotten about. It's worth something. I hope visitors will pop into the Recycling Centre to have a look at the Re-Thinker. By seeing the transformation of waste materials into a striking work of art, I like to think it will spark discussion and debate, and in this way contribute to the continuing transformation of how we think about the rubbish we throw away.

The Re-Thinker was created by Moray-based artist Lucas Dew, who works exclusively with scrap metal and has created sculptures for a range of organisations and clients. He started his business 'Something from Nothing' after buying a camper van, a welder and some scrap metal to give him something to do while recuperating from a motorbike accident. Martina contacted Lucas after seeing his work online and he was happy to donate his time to the project.

Lucas Dew said:
Councillor Marie Boulton and Lucas Dew with The Re-Thinker
"It's mind-blowing that people just throw metal and other things away when they can be turned into something else. Any old metal is valuable to me because I can see that it has so much potential to be turned into something else. I enjoyed creating the Re-Thinker and I think it's unique – everyone's done The Thinker but no-one's done a scrap metal version of it. It's been a fun project to work on and it's great to have my sculpture on display in Aberdeen.

The Re-Thinker will be on display at the Recycling Centre at Grove Nursery, Hazlehead until mid-January.

The sculpture is currently for sale for 4,500 and any interested parties should contact Lucas Dew through Facebook by searching for 'SFN Lucas Dew'.

Individuals or groups interested in learning more about the recycling process can take a tour of Grove Nursery HWRC led by a member of Aberdeen City Council's Recycling Team. To book a tour, please Contact the Waste and Recycling Team.

See our Recycling Centres page for more information about what can be recycled at Household Waste Recycling Centres in Aberdeen,

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