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Food Waste Kerbside Collection

The kerbside food waste collection service enables you to recycle your food waste together with your garden waste in your brown bin. This leaves more space in your refuse bin and prevents food waste going to landfill. After your food waste has been collected it is taken to an In-Vessel Composting (IVC) plant in Aberdeenshire. The IVC plant turns the food waste into compost which can then be used for agriculture, horticulture and landscaping.

If you have a food waste collection service you should have received a green kitchen caddy and rolls of compostable bio liner bags. If you have not received these items and would like to order them, please call 08456 08 09 19 or email If you are unsure of the collection dates view or download your Household Waste Collection Calendar online.

Food boxes and bags

How to use your Food Collection Service

  • Line your vented kitchen caddy with one of the compostable liners supplied.
  • Please ONLY use these liners. Plastic bags and other bags, including those marked 'biodegradable', degradable or compostable, are not suitable.
  • Put all cooked and uncooked food waste into the lined caddy until you are ready to empty it into your BROWN bin.
  • Your vented caddy and liners are designed to work together, preventing smells and spillage.
  • When the liner is full, just lift the liner out carefully, tie the top together and put it in your BROWN bin together with your garden waste.
  • On your collection day, please put your BROWN bin at the kerbside by 7am.
  • You may add food waste directly into your bin. However, please don't use plastic refuse sacks, even those marked bio-degradable as they may not be suitable. If you wish to wrap waste before placing it in your brown bin, use newspaper or paper bags.
  • Ensure that all your waste fits securely into your brown bin and the lid is closed. All food waste should be presented for collection in your brown bin as other containers or bags cannot be collected. Excess waste should be kept for your next collection or taken one of our Household Waste Recycling Centres.
  • Do not pack material into your brown bin too tightly. Wet food and garden waste can be very heavy. If your bin is too heavy for the crew to move or the mechanical vehicle hoist to lift, it may not be collected.
  • Clean any residue from inside the container if necessary after collection.

Where to collect your food caddy bioliners

You can collect free liners for your food waste caddy from: Marischal College Customer Service Centre, Customer Access Points at Mastrick, Kincorth and Woodside, or Community Libraries in Aberdeen, as well as most Learning Centres.

The following items are examples of what can be included in your lined food waste caddy:

Yes please

No thank you. 

Beans, pasta and rice Pet faeces, including hutch waste and cat litter, and pet food
Bread, cakes and pastries  Bottles, cans or jars 
Dairy products including eggs and cheese  Foil or cling film 
Fruit and vegetables  Food or drink containers 
Meat and fish including bones  Liquids, including oils and fats 
Tea bags and coffee grounds  Plastic bags, including those that are 'degradable' or 'bio-degradable'.

Please note that the list provided above is not exhaustive, if you have any questions regarding what you can or cannot put in your brown bin please call us on 08456 08 09 19 or 01224 219281.

If your brown bin contains any item that cannot be processed as food waste your bin cannot be collected as part of this service.  Our composting facility is subject to strict legislation regarding what can and what cannot be composted. If general waste is mixed in with the garden waste, the load is contaminated and will be rejected by the compost facility. It must then be sent to landfill.  

Please remember:

  • If you wish, your food waste can be placed loose directly in your BROWN bin.
  • A supply of liner bags should last you for six months, allowing for 2-3 bags per week.
  • To order more bags please call 08456 08 09 19 or 01224 219281 or email with your address.

Smaller brown bins are also available on request. Aberdeen City Council also offer an assisted collection for your garden waste. For more information, please see the  Assisted Collections page.

If your bin has not been collected as expected, please check that it does not contain any of the items that we cannot accept. If so, please remove these items from the brown bin so that it can be emptied on your next scheduled collection date.

Please remember composting is still the best way to deal with your food waste for more information visit our Home Composting section.


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