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Assisted Garden Waste Collection

Aberdeen City Council can make assisted collections from the doorstep of properties where the resident is unable to put their domestic street bin, garden waste bin or recycling box and bag out on the edge of their property for collection.

Garden waste - Brown wheeled bin

A fortnightly kerbside collection of garden waste is offered throughout the year to suitable households across the city. You can view or download your Household Waste Collection Calendar online.

Residents are able to recycle flowers, plants, weeds, grass cuttings, hedge trimmings, leaves, small Brown bin branches, bark and twigs using the brown wheeled bin. Cooked and uncooked food can go into your lined food caddy and when full tie the top of the bag and place it in your brown bin. Please only use the council issued compostable food caddy liners for this as plastic bags cannot go into your garden waste bin. If you wish, food waste may be placed directly into your brown bin or it may be wrapped in newspaper and then placed in the brown bin. If your household receives a garden waste collection we can offer help with either:-

  • A smaller bin
  • An assisted collection

Household refuse - Black wheeled bin

A weekly domestic refuse collection is offered and we offer help with either:-

  • A smaller bin
  • An assisted collection

Recycling - Black box and white bag

A kerbside collection of materials to suitable households across the city allows the collection of glass bottles, jars and plastic bottles in the black box and paper and cardboard in the white bag.

If your household receives a kerbside collection we offer help with:-

  • An assisted collection

If you require an assisted collection, please contact the Waste Aware Team.


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