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Recycling Animations

The Reading Bus has been working with schools in Torry to create recycling animations for the Waste Aware Team. The pupils worked collaboratively with a team of storytellers, artists, musicians and animators to create their own films to encourage everyone to recycle. Primary 5/6 at Tullos School created 'White Bags Don't Fill Themselves' to encourage everyone to use the recycling kerb side service for paper.  Primary 5 at Walker road created 'Please Recycle Glass!' to encourage everyone to put their glass into the reycling boxes. Students at Torry Academy created 'Yes We Can Recycle' and 'The Bottle To Recycle.'

This work has been generously sponsored by Hess Services.

Yes We Can Recycle

The Bottle to Recycle

White Bags Don't Fill Themselves!

Please Recycle Glass!

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