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Union Street Pedestrianisation - Next Steps

Air Quality Management Area (AQMA)

Tenders are currently being prepared to appoint an Environmental Consultant to carry out a study of the proposals. The main areas to be investigated by the consultant will be the impact of air and noise pollution and the impact of the proposals on the built environment.

A number of streets within Aberdeen City Centre are set to breach the annual mean air quality emissions objectives for nitrogen dioxide. In line with the Environmental Protection Act 1995 the Council has declared an Air Quality Management Area and has a responsibility to improve air quality within this area. Any works undertaken within the Union Street Project must be in line with the Council's Air Quality Action Plan and must not be of detriment to the existing situation.

The paramics model will be used to assist in the information required to determine the effect that this displacement of traffic will have on the AQMA.

Noise / Vibration

Currently there are no baseline figures for noise measurement within the Study Area. An environmental model will be created to assess the likely impact on noise levels across the city centre.



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