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Union Street Pedestrianisation - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the implications for buses: Do Nothing Vs Union Street Project ?

Do nothing: buses caught in congestion affecting journey times and reliability. Union Street project will allow buses to traverse the city, improving reliability in central area.
Do we need all this infrastructure?

Yes, but it is a balance of traffic management and new infrastructure.
What is the impact of AWPR (Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route) and MTS (Modern Transport System)?

While some early modelling indicated around 5% reduction in traffic in the city centre, further work has to be done in this area.
How are we phasing the infrastructure?

We have to map out how the various parts of the project fit together in terms of timing. This would however take into account the various legal stages, and the land requirements into consideration.
Where are the taxi ranks?

The position of taxi ranks has yet to be finalised and this would be part of the forthcoming stages if Councillors were to approve the project.
Where are the disabled parking spaces?

A survey of all badge holders was carried out last year. The results identified the top locations in the city centre that people wish to access. The position of disabled space provision has yet to be finalised and this would be part of the forthcoming stages if Councillors were to approve the project.
What arrangements will be made for loading?

Loading will be accommodated during a timed period, similar to the St Nicholas area. An access strategy will be developed in consultation with stakeholders and other interested parties.
What are the implications for freight movements?

In the same way as other traffic, freight will have better access across the city, with easier access to retail centres, such as Berryden. The improvement of the South College St/Berryden link will allow traffic to utilise this as an alternative favoured north/south route, providing some relief to the congestion at the Market Street/Virginia street corridor.
What would be the impact on the harbour area?

Access arrangements will change the movement at the existing North Esplanade East Quay, with the roundabout junction becoming a signalised junction with some restrictions to traffic movements. The main access to this quay will be via Albert Quay (opening a junction on Market St). Access to Commercial Quay will remain the same. The Market Street / Virginia St junction will be realigned to allow an almost free flow of traffic with minor interruptions from the bus gate on the north side of Market St.
Are there any benefits to the West End traders?

The West end should receive more footfall as people change their usage of car parks. Chapel Street car park will receive better signing with the introduction of VMS. There is also the car park refurbishment to be borne in mind.
What are the implications for the Ferryhill area?

There are no major changes planned for the residential areas within Ferryhill area. However, Springbank Terrace/Wellington Place will become a predominate east-west route. It currently is an "A" class road, and areas of on-street parking may have to be redefined. Wellington Place may be improved to accommodate changes at the junction with the dualled College Street. Traffic signals are proposed for this junction and the alteration would allow for dedicated right and left turn lanes. A new road from Millburn St Junction/Palmerston Place will be built to join with North Esplanade West. This will create a one way gyratory with the traffic from Queen Elizabeth bridge travelling up south College St and making a decision to either travel along Palmerston Place and North Esplanade West / Market St or continue along South College St/Wapping St/Denburn/Berryden. Consideration as to the type of turning manoeuvres allowed at Millburn Street and Portland Street will require detailed consideration and discussion with the local community.
What is the timescale for implementation of the overall project?

With a phased approach, it will take at least 5-10 years to deliver all schemes within the project.



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