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LTS Strategy Costed Action and Delivery Plan

APPENDIX A - Local Transport Strategy Costed Action and Delivery Plan

This Costed Action and Delivery Plan has been prepared to meet the Local Transport Strategy's Vision, Aims, Objectives and Outcomes.

Each 'Intervention Category' has been divided into various Objectives. These have then had various Actions associated with them. Anticipated Delivery Partners are included with Deliverables/expected outputs and an estimated cost provided. The document that the detail will be contained within is also referenced ie improve access to Aberdeen Station by foot will have detail in the City Centre Masterplan, the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan and the Station Gateway Brief. Which Actions are meeting which Outcomes are then listed.

Many of the projects are on going and as such associated costs relate to staff time. No projection has been put on this element as it is assumed this will be met internally using Council resources. Where costs have not been provided ('being confirmed') this is because further work is required to develop the scheme and a cost estimate would preclude the outcome of any ongoing option appraisals and appropriate governance.

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